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Nothing says “70 years on the throne” quite like “Salad Queen” and “LamQueenie”, among countless other jubilee specials that have emerged to celebrate Queen Elizabeth II’s long reign – the longest of any British monarch.

With the Queen’s big platinum jubilee weekend drawing ever closer, brands have released a plethora of royal-themed food and drink products to mark Her Majesty’s historic milestone.

Most of the themed items are limited edition and available only up to or during the special bank holiday weekend, which takes place from Thursday 2 June to Sunday 5 June.

We’ve rounded up all the jubilee-themed food and drink you can feast on as you raise a glass to the Queen:

Heinz Salad Queen and HM Sauce

Limited edition Jubilee bottles of Heinz Salad Cream and HP Sauce, which have been renamed ‘Heinz Salad Queen’ and ‘HM Sauce’


Heinz’s jubilee offering was the first out of the gate, as it announced a royal makeover of two of its most popular condiments in April.

HP Sauce and Salad Cream, which are high on the list of Britain’s favourite sauces, are now available in limited-edition bottles labelled “HM Sauce” and “Heinz Salad Queen” to honour the monarch’s 70th year on the throne.

The noble sauces have been on sale in supermarkets since April, so there is still time to grab them for your Big Jubilee Lunch.

KFC Coronation Chicken Tower Burger

KFC’s new Coronation Chicken Tower Burger


KFC has announced the launch of a new Coronation Chicken Tower Burger to commemorate the platinum jubilee.

The new offering is available for just one week, from 30 May to 5 June exclusively in 11 KFC stores, located in Belfast, Edinburgh, Kingston, Maidenhead, Newton Abbot, Cardiff, Sheffield, South Kensington, Tunbridge Wells, Birmingham, and Windsor.

The fried chicken chain has also teamed up with Deliveroo to give some lucky customers in the royal boroughs of Windsor and Kensington the chance to win a free Coronation Chicken Tower Burger that will be delivered via a “Coronation Convoy”.

This will see the burger delivered by a convoy of a Range Rover, Land Rover and Deliveroo riders who will serve it on a velvet red and teal pillow, KFC has said.

The Coronation Chicken Tower Burger will cost £5.49 in-store and £6.99 on Deliveroo.

Morrisons Corgi Cake

Morrisons’ Corgi Cake launched for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee


As her favourite dog breed, corgis are synonymous with the Queen. It’s no surprise then that any celebrations surrounding Her Majesty would also include her beloved pets.

To reflect this, Morrisons has launched a corgi cake inspired by the monarch’s short-legged pooches to celebrate the platinum jubilee.

The chocolate-covered swiss roll, decorated with red, blue and white sprinkles and a cute corgi face made of chocolate, has been nicknamed Clarence by Morrisons customers.

Clarence the corgi cake is now available in Morrisons stores across the UK. It serves 12 people and costs £6.

Franco Manca

Franco Manca is offering a free glass of prosecco with any order of its special Jubilee pizzas

(Franco Manca)

Sourdough pizza chain Franco Manca is joining in on the jubilee fun by adding three special pizzas to its menu, which will only be available to order from Thursday 2 June to Sunday 5 June.

The pizzeria is also offering a free glass of prosecco to any customer who orders one of their jubilee special pizzas for every day of the extended bank holiday weekend.

The limited edition pizzas include a Jubilee Meat Special that includes free range Yorkshire fennel sausage, mushrooms, mozzarella, stilton and a spiced butternut squash base; a Jubilee Veg Special with tomatoes, caramelised red onions, mushrooms, mozzarella and seasonal pesto; and a Jubilee Vegan Special topped with roasted potatoes with onions, tomato, black olives, red onions, vegan cheese, capers and fresh mint.

Asda Jubilee Bundle

Get your royal picnic sorted with Asda’s jubilee bundles, which are available to shop online.

The online bundles are “filled with royal favourites”, the supermarket has said, including smoked salmon, Earl Grey tea, strawberries, chocolate cake and more.

Asda has also launched a range of jubilee food which includes coronation chicken pastry crowns and crown-shaped gingerbread biscuits.

The bundles will set you back by £16.20 and is available to order now.

Walker’s Shortbread Platinum Jubilee Tin

Walker’s Shortbread has launched a commemorative tin for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee


British favourite Walker’s Shortbread has launched a commemorative tin to celebrate the Queen’s milestone.

The limited-edition biscuit vessel is the latest of Walker’s series of royal souvenir tins, which the brand produces as official Royal Warrant holders.

Filled with Union Jack Shortbreads, the keepsake tin is expected to be popular among avid collectors of royal memorabilia and merchandise.

It is available to buy on Walker’s website for £12.

Pizza Hut Crown Crust Pizza

Pizza Hut’s new Crown Crust Pizza

(Pizza Hut)

Want more pizza? Pizza Hut is bringing back its Crown Crust Pizza for the jubilee weekend only to celebrate the monarch.

The limited edition pizza features a stuffed crust shaped like a crown with pointed ends, and is topped with Pizza Hut’s “finest triple cheese blend”. It will be available for margherita and pepperoni pizzas only.

It was last available in 2012, when it was launched for the Queen’s diamond jubilee.

Japan Centre’s Union Jack Mochi Donuts

Japan Centre’s Union Jack Mochi Donuts

(Japan Centre)

Japan Centre, the popular Japanese food hall located in London’s Leicester Square, is serving up special Union Jack mochi donuts to celebrate the Queen’s platinum jubilee.

Mochi is a Japanese rice cake that is beloved for its chewy, stretchy texture, and mochi donuts are a hybrid between regular donuts and mochi that have gained popularity online.

The red, white and blue mochi donuts from Japan Centre will be on sale until Sunday 5 June for £2.99 each at the Mochi Bar within the food hall.

Subway Coronation Tikka Sub

Subway’s new Coronation Tikka Sub


Subway has announced a new sandwich with a royal filling for the Queen’s jubilee.

The new Coronation Tikka Sub will be filled with chicken breast marinated in Indian spices and mixed with lite mayo and spiced mango chutney.

The sandwich chain has also released a new Lemon Drizzle Cookie as a nod to the “tea party classic”.

Customers can buy the new sub from 25 May to 7 June, and the new cookie from 25 May to 30 August. They can also purchase both new items as a Platinum Meal Deal with a drink of choice until 7 June.

Lola’s Cupcakes

Lola’s Cupcake’s Jubilee Cupcakes

(Lola’s Cupcakes)

Lola’s Cupcakes have launched a range of jubilee treats, from cupcake boxes to a special layer cake that the bakery says will be the “centrepiece for your jubilee celebrations”.

The Jubilee Cupcake Boxes, costing £19.80 for six cupcakes, will include a selection of chocolate and vanilla cupcakes topped with chocolate ganache and red, white and blue buttercream.

Meanwhile, customers can choose from a double chocolate sponge with chocolate buttercream or a vanilla sponge with raspberry compote for the Jubilee Layer Cake.

The cakes, which serves six people and costs £22.50, will be topped with vanilla buttercream and decorated with golden Malteasers, sprinkles, golden chocolate crowns and gold dust.

Both items are available for pre-order now and delivery can be made from 30 May to 5 June.

Boots Limited Edition Meal Deal

Add some royal flavour to your lunchtime meal deals with Boots’ exclusive and limited edition meal deal menu, which features “iconic British flavours”.

To celebrate the Queen’s milestone, the meal deal includes a snack and a drink for £3.59.

You can choose from royal-themed items such as the Vegan Coronation Veggies Wrap, Honey and Mustard Chicken Sandwich, Summer Garden Style Salad, and a Victoria Sponge Slice.

Lambrini Limited Edition LamQueenie

Lambrini fans can drink like a queen for the jubilee with a limited edition “LamQueeni” bottle.

The sweet sparkling perry brand launched the rebranded bottles earlier this month, which will be on sale for one month only between mid-May and mid-June.

LamQueeni bottles feature sparkles and bunting on the label, which comes in three different colours; gold, silver and rose gold.

They retail at £3 and are available in Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, Asda, and convenience stores.

The Biscuiteers Corgi Biscuits

The Biscuiteers’ The Queen’s Corgis Letterbox biscuits

(The Biscuiteers)

Luxury biscuit decorators The Biscuiteers have created a royal collection of iced biscuits in the shape of corgis and the Queen’s crown to mark the occasion.

The Queen’s Corgis Letterbox biscuits retail at £25 and are available to order online via The Biscuiteer’s website now.

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