Fri. Sep 29th, 2023
‘The first Barbie I’d buy’: Mattel unveils new celebrity Barbie

Barbie has reached a new audience after Mattel announced the launch of its newest doll, Tina Turner.

With the creation of the newest Barbie, the toy company is paying homage to the singer on the 40th anniversary of her hit song, “What’s Love Got To Do With It”. The collectable doll will be a part of Barbie’s Signature Music Series, and is currently being sold on the Mattel’s website for $55.

The doll is inspired by Turner’s look in the popular music video for the song, with the toy doll wearing a mini dress and a denim jacket, paired with mesh tights and black high heels. The figurine, who has the singer’s signature spiky blonde hairstyle, also holds a microphone in her hand and is wearing a pair of white earrings.

Turner, 82, expressed her gratitude to Mattel in a statement, via Reuters, in which she said: “I am honoured to welcome my Barbie into the group of trailblasing women already represented and introduce more kids to my journey.”

Barbie also shared a video of the doll on Instagram, where the toymakers included a tribute to Turner in the caption. “Simply the best. Barbie is proud to honour the unmatched career of the ‘Queen of Rock ’n Roll’ with a @TinaTurner Barbie doll. Wearing a mini dress and denim jacket inspired by her look in the ‘What’s Love Got To Do With It’ video, collectors and music fans alike can celebrate the music icon with the new Signature #Barbie doll,” the caption read.

In the comments of the post, many fans expressed their happiness over the doll, while others revealed that they’ve already purchased the tribute to Turner.

“I’m so ecstatic! I just purchased her and l can’t wait to have this icon added to my collection,” one person wrote.

“I NEED this in my life!” another said, while a third person added: “The only Barbie doll that I want soooo much.”

On Twitter, fans of Turner also praised the toy tribute to the singer, with some revealing that this will be the first Barbie they’ve ever purchased.

“I hated Barbie dolls as a girl. But this just-released Tina Turner Barbie is making me rethink,” one person wrote.

“Reliving a childhood love of Barbie’s dolls .. starting a collection – first round: Tina Turner, Madam CJ Walker and Ida B Wells,” singer Kimberly Nichole added.

A third user said: “There is a Tina Turner Barbie doll and I WANT IT. Who wants to play Barbies with me and my Tina Turner action figure.”

Along with Turner, numerous other iconic musicians have been honoured with a doll as part of Barbie’s Signature Music Series, including David Bowie, Gloria Estefan, and Elvis Presley.

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