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Kanye West latest: Kanye West says he’s ‘absolutely not’ sorry for antisemitic remarks, but apologizes for hurting people

Kanye West claims George Floyd’s killer didn’t really have knee on his neck

Kanye West apologised for causing “hurt and confusion” with antisemitic comments he made last week.

Appearing on Piers Morgan Uncensored on Wednesday (19 October), the host asked the rapper whether he regretted threatening to go “DEFCON 3 on Jewish people”.

West initially doubled down on his comments, replying: “No, absolutely not.” Morgan then asked if he knew the comments were racist, to which West confirmed: “Yes, that’s why I said it… I fought fire with fire. I’m not here to get hosed down.”

Elsewhere, the mother of George Floyd’s daughter has sued Kanye West for $250m in the wake of his controversial comments about Floyd’s death at the hands of a Minnesota police officer.

And now Floyd’s family has issued a cease-and-desist letter to West for the comments he made on the Drink Champs podcast, which has now been taken down.

In the lawsuit filed by Roxie Washington, the mother of Gianna Floyd, lawyers said West made “false statements about George Floyd’s death to promote his brands, and increase marketing value and revenue for himself, his business partners, and associates.”

Earlier, The Drink Champs interview was pulled from YouTube, Rolling Stone reports.

The YouTube show’s host, N.O.R.E., apologised for the contents of the interview that he said “hurt” people during a Monday morning radio show appearance. Hours later, the video had been made private on YouTube while the podcast version of the conversation was removed from both Spotify and Apple Music earlier in the day.

Late in the night on Monday, Tesla billionaire and potential Twitter owner Elon Musk appeared to tease a possible business collaboration with West after he tweeted out a meme – and then deleted -that hinted at a team-up with the rapper and Parler, the right-wing social network he is in the process of acquiring.


Kanye West refuses to apologise for antisemitism but ‘sorry’ for ‘people I hurt’

Kanye West refused to apologise for his antisemitic remarks as he was interviewed by Piers Morgan on TalkTV.

When asked if he was “sorry” for what he has said, he replied: “Absolutely not… I will say that I’m sorry for the people I hurt and for the confusion I caused.”



Kanye West tells Piers Morgan about the ‘pain’ he is in

Kanye West talked about his “pain” and labelled Piers Morgan a “Karen” as he appeared on his TalkTV show on Wednesday.

“God forbid one comment could cause people to feel any of the pain my people have went through for years,” he said.

And he added: “No one has cared for Black people.”

“I was in a position where I had been hurt and I was in a position where I had the right to defend myself.”



Trump complains about American Jews in video leaked after he defended Kanye West in antisemitism row

The former president is frequently accused of racism and antisemitic remarks, writes Josh Marcus.


Rapper says he knew attacks were ‘racist’

Kanye West admitted his recent attacks were racist, during his interview with Piers Morgan.

“Yes. I fought fire with fire,” he told the TalkTV host in an interview airing on the UK network on Wednesday.


Kanye West says he’s sorry for ‘hurt and confusion’ caused by antisemitic comments

Rapper initially doubled down on his comments saying he ‘fought fire with fire’, writes Tom Murray.


George Floyd’s family is right to hold Kanye West to account for his hateful comments

Rapper has made a stunning about-face since his words and actions in 2020, writes Michael Arceneaux.


Kanye West apologises for ‘hurt’ he has caused

Kanye West has apologised for the “hurt” he has caused during his antisemitism controversy.

The rapper told Piers Morgan in an interview for TalkTV in the UK that he was “sorry” for the hurt he had caused.

“I will say I’m sorry for the people I hurt,” he tells Morgan in the interview set to air later today.

“Hurt people hurt people, and I was hurt.”

Piers Morgan and Kanye West



Piers Morgan interview with Kanye West set to air

Controversial rapper Kanye West has been interviewed about his antisemitism scandal by Piers Morgan in an interview set to air on the UK’s TalkTv at 3PM ET, 12pm PT.


Netanyahu declines to condemn Trump’s antisemitic comments

ICYMI: Israeli opposition leader Benjamin Netanyahu on Tuesday refused to say whether former president Donald Trump’s threat that American Jews should be more appreciative of him “before it’s too late” was antisemitic or opine on whether the twice-impeached ex-president is an antisemite.

Mr Netanyahu – who has twice served as Israel’s prime minister – was pressed on Mr Trump’s latest antisemitic comments while promoting his memoir on MSNBC’s Morning Joe.

Asked what he made of Mr Trump’s claim that Jews in the US should be more appreciative of what he has done for Israel — an invocation of dual loyalty tropes that most observers have condemned as classic antisemitism — Mr Netanyahu invoked Mr Trump’s Jewish son-in-law and his daughter, a convert to Judaism.

“Well, you know, he has a Jewish son-in-law and his daughter converted to Judaism, his grandchildren are raised as Jews,” he said.

Andrew Feinberg has the full report below.


Trump says Kanye West was great for MAGA

ICYMI: Donald Trump called Kanye West great for MAGA before telling a TV host that he couldn’t comment on the rapper’s slight against his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, which he made during an interview with Tucker Carlson, because he hadn’t seen that portion of the conversation.

“He’s been saying some really offensive things lately about your own son-in-law, Jared Kushner, and about Jewish people. Jewish Americans writ large. Could you react to that? Because is this the guy that you knew?” said Salem News’s Larry O’Connor during a telephone call with the former president.

During that two-part Fox News interview, West sharply criticised Mr Kushner, a former senior White House adviser to his father-in-law, and insinuated that he was a person solely motivated by financial gain.

“I just think it was to make money,” he told Mr Carlson of Mr Kushner’s work facilitating the Abraham Accords, a deal that sought to normalise ties between Israel and Arab nations.

In response, Mr Trump had this to say: “Well, I haven’t really seen the statements he’s made. I did watch the Tucker Carlson interview and he was really nice to me. Beyond anybody, he was. He was great to me,” he said.

He added in showering West with compliments, while being careful to dodge any explicit acknowledgement of his recent antisemitic remarks or his slights against his son-in-law.

“And he was great, really, to MAGA, to the MAGA movement, which was very impressive. I was, you know, not surprised. I always got along with him. I liked him. I’ve always gotten along with him,” he said.

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