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Moscow police announce arrest of 28-year-old for Idaho university murders

A suspect was arrested and charged Friday in connection with the murders of four University of Idaho students, the most important update yet in an investigation that has stretched for weeks.

Bryan Christopher Kohberger, 28, was taken into custody in Pennsylvania early Friday, The Associated Press reported. Following his arrest, Mr Kohberger allegedly asked investigators if anyone else had been apprehended as well.

The arrest comes almost seven weeks on from the quadruple murder of Kaylee Goncalves, Madison Mogen, Xana Kernodle and Ethan Chapin.

During a press conference on Friday, Idaho police appeared to rule out a second suspect.

“We have an individual in custody who committed these horrible crimes and I do believe our community is safe, but we still need to be vigilant,” Moscow police chief James Fry said on Friday.

Moscow police, aided by Idaho state troopers and the FBI, pored over surveillance video footage, physical evidence, community tips, until the discovery of a white sedan near the crime scene around the time of the murder broke open the case.


Police search office of Idaho murders suspect

Police have carried out a search at the former office of Bryan Kohberger, who was arrested in Pennsylvania on Friday in connection with the University of Idaho murders and later charged with four counts of homicide.

Kohberger was a graduate student at Washington State University, and police searched his office there within the department of criminology, the Daily Mail reports.

Here’s Andrew Buncombe’s report on the suspect’s academic background, which included a study on the psychology of crime.

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Videos show Idaho murder suspect’s last location and Washington apartment

The suspect in the University of Idaho murders had an apartment in Pullman, Washington, and was arrested across the country in Pennsylvania.

Reporters from NewsNation captured both locations on video.

Josh Marcus31 December 2022 01:36


What the Idaho murders revealed about cold cases in America

As the weeks dragged on in the Idaho murders investigation, community members and families alike began to worry that a suspect would never be found.

Thankfully, suspect Bryan Kohberger’s arrest on Friday in Pennsylvania has spared the town of Moscow, Idaho, that fate.

However, the search for the Idaho killer revealed what can happen when a case goes cold, including families experiencing trauma and innocent bystanders being blamed mistakenly for horrible crimes.

Rachel Sharp and I had this look into cold cases, misinformation, and why police are getting worse at solving murders across the country.

Will the Idaho college murders become America’s next cold case?

It’s been one month since four Idaho students were brutally murdered, and fears are growing that the case is going cold. Rachel Sharp and Josh Marcus explore a troubling trend in America’s homicide clearance rates – and what happens to the families and communities left without answers

Josh Marcus31 December 2022 01:06


Mother of murdered Oregon man speaks out after police reveal possible link to Idaho student slayings

Myra Juetten told The Independent that finding out who killed her son Travis Juetten in a brutal stabbing attack in his home in Silverton, Oregon – and also catching the killer of the slain students in Idaho – would be “the best Christmas present ever”.

“I want answers for all five of them,” she said of the victims.

“If law enforcement can work together and solve both cases that would be the best Christmas present ever.”

Rachel Sharp has the full story.

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Community patience was wearing thin before Idaho suspect located

The families of the Idaho murder victims grew increasingly frustrated as police failed to locate a suspect.

Steve Goncalves, whose daughter Kaylee Goncalves was brutally stabbed along with her friends Madison Mogen, Xana Kernodle, and Ethan Chapin on 13 November, told the New York Post three weeks after the killings that he turned to private investigators for help.

His decision to seek outside help stemmed from a lack of confidence in the Moscow Police Department, which has been working with the Idaho State Police and the FBI on the murders.

Mr Goncalves noted that one of the officers in the investigation was only a teenager when Moscow saw its last murder in 2015. “So they’re just inexperienced — and I don’t want anyone making mistakes in my child’s case,” he said.

Andrea Blanco has the story.

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Police ruled out numerous conspiracy theories before finding Idaho suspect

Like many high-profile criminal investigations these days, the University of Idaho murders quickly became fodder for online conspiracies.

Police devoted a significant amount of time debunking false information that spread online.

Here’s our reporting on some of those disproven theories that proliferated on social media.

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VIDEO: Idaho police announce arrest of suspect Bryan Kohberger

Idaho police made a major breakthrough in the investigation of the November murder of four university students, announcing the arrest of suspect Bryan Kohberger, thought to be the sole assailant.

Moscow, Idaho, police chief James Fry announced the arrest on Friday in a press conference.

Watch his remarks below via Independent TV.

Idaho murders: Key moments from Moscow police press conference

Josh Marcus30 December 2022 23:46


A new timeline of how police found a suspect in the Idaho murders

Ater months of cryptic statements and unanswered questions, family and friends of the four students murdered in Idaho in November have finally been given a breakthrough.

Ethan Chapin, Madison Mogen, Xana Kernodle, and Kaylee Goncalves were found dead at a house near the University of Idaho campus on Sunday 13 November, mere hours after posting smiling photographs on Instagram.

The case shocked the small college town of Moscow, Idaho and drew media attention from across the world, yet for nearly seven weeks police did not appear to have a suspect and gave little information about what they knew.

Io Dodds has all the details for The Independent.

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Suspect Bryan Kohberger charged with four counts of murder after breaking into Idaho student home

A 28-year-old criminology graduate student has been charged with four counts of first-degree murder in connection with the November slayings of four University of Idaho students that shocked and transfixed the nation.

Suspect Bryan Kohberger was arrested early Friday in Albrightsville, Pennsylvania – 2500 miles away from the scene of the crime, police said Friday at a news conference. Kohberger was charged with the murder counts and felony burglary over the 13 November slayings and appeared Friday morning before a judge in Pennsylvania, Moscow Police Department Chief James Fry.

According to the Washington State University website, Mr Kohberger is a PhD graduate student in the criminal justice and criminology department in Pullman, Washington.

Pullman is around nine miles (15kms) west of Moscow, Idaho, where the students lived.

Bevan Hurley is following the story.

Josh Marcus30 December 2022 22:45


Does America love true crime too much?

The true crime phenomenon shows no sign of slowing down – as documentaries, podcasts, dramatizations and all manner of content continue to explode across platforms – and the reaction of that Hupp detective is not unusual. Armchair sleuths may spend countless hours poring over the lives of crime victims while concocting their own theories, but family members, investigators, victims themselves and even offenders frequently bristle when they see portrayals of their own lives.

Why are we so fascinated by gory tales of death, murder and mayhem? And is the public’s bombardment with true crime content helping or hurting?

Josh Marcus30 December 2022 22:30

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