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Former Channel 4 news broadcaster Jon Snow says he “hasn’t found age relevant” to his relationship with his children, after fathering his third child in his seventies.

The veteran journalist and broadcaster, 75, says having his most recent child Tafara “wasn’t easy” but that following the birth “life felt complete”.

Snow welcomed Tafara in 2021 with his wife Dr Precious Lunga, 48.

Speaking to Saga Exceptional Magazine, he discussed his relationship with his parents, children and grandchildren.

“There are three very small people in my life – two grandsons, aged one and three, and a son, Tafara, who is two-going-on-five,” he said.

“He’s got his mum’s brain and my extrovert nature. I love how you can already have great conversations with him.

The veteran broadcaster explained: “Having him wasn’t easy but we persisted because, at 48, my wife is a good deal younger than me and she very much wanted and deserved a baby. When he was born, life felt complete.”

Snow added that he felt “completely at ease” with late fatherhood and was not worried being exhausted by the demands of having a newborn.

‘My wife is a good deal younger than me and she very much wanted and deserved a baby,’ broadcaster said

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Snow is adamant that age is irrelevant when it comes to his relationship with different members of his family.

“I haven’t found age relevant to my relationship with my son or grandsons,” he said.

“Is being a grandad different to being a dad? Not really. In the end, it’s all love, isn’t it?”

Snow also shares two daughters from his three-decade relationship with the human rights lawyer Madeleine Colvin.

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