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Ron DeSantis suffers another technical glitch in 2024 campaign after Jan 6 pardon comments – latest updates

Listen: Ron DeSantis’s presidential launch suffers major technical issues

Ron DeSantis suffered yet another technical glitch as he continued to plough ahead with his 2024 campaign run following Wednesday’s disastrous Twitter Spaces launch.

The Florida governor appeared on Newsmax on Thursday night to speak about his priorities as he hopes to get the Republican vote for the presidential race.

But, during his appearance – and in the midst of an attack on the NAACP’s travel advisory – the show suffered a technical problem, with the screen freezing.

This marks the second time in two nights that Mr DeSantis’ campaign launch has been plagued by tech issues after his hotly-anticipated launch fell flat on Wednesday night.

The Florida governor, 44, chose to announce his presidential run in an unconventional way – in a Twitter Spaces event with Elon Musk and David Sacks. But, the event got off to a rocky start when it crashed several times and the sound repeatedly dropped out.

Since then, he has been going on the rounds of rightwing media, taking aim at his main GOP rival Donald Trump.

In one interview he said, if elected president, he would consider pardons for those charged with January 6 offences, including Mr Trump.


ICYMI: ‘He’s admitting he’s a swamp creature?’

Why a simple image of a Floridian reptile caused a stir ahead of the DeSantis campaign launch.

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DeSantis says Trump is ‘different guy today than he was running in 2015 and 2016′

Oliver O’Connell26 May 2023 17:15


What do the polls say about DeSantis?

Eric Garcia takes a look at the numbers.

Oliver O’Connell26 May 2023 17:00


Can DeSantis beat Trump? Doubts prevail in home state

He’s a ubiquitous presence in conservative media with a reputation as an anti-woke warrior who has used a compliant state legislature to make Florida a mecca for Trump-era Republicanism.

Andrew Feinberg and Eric Garcia report.

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Key takeaways from Ron DeSantis’ campaign rollout

After a 30-minute delay caused by technological glitches with Twitter’s “Spaces” audio conversation system, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ much-hyped announcement of his 2024 presidential campaign kicked off with a billionaire praising another billionaire.

The first billionaire, venture capitalist and DeSantis booster David Sacks, opened the conversation with fulsome praise for Elon Musk, the Tesla and SpaceX impresario who bought Twitter last year with the aim of allowing unfettered conversations by all sorts of right-wing characters who’d been banned for violating the site’s rules under its prior management.

Mr Sacks then turned to introduce Mr DeSantis, who he said first drew his attention when the Florida governor began attacking public health measures recommended by medical professionals at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic.

And with that, Mr DeSantis began making his pitch to voters — or at least the voters who are on Twitter and cared enough to listen.

Andrew Feinberg summarises the key takeaways.

Oliver O’Connell26 May 2023 16:00


Voices: His 2024 launch was laughable but DeSantis could be more dangerous than Trump

This kind of government overreach is antithetical to the stated limited government ideals of conservatism. It fully embraces the authoritarian impulses that have consumed the modern Republican Party. DeSantis embodies what it looks like when Trumpism has a supermajority with no guardrails, and showcases that Trumpism without Trump could be even more dangerous.

Oliver O’Connell26 May 2023 15:30


Watch live: Ron DeSantis speaks at Florida Homeschooling Convention

Oliver O’Connell26 May 2023 15:02


Liz Cheney has some thoughts about DeSantis’s pardon plan

Former Rep Liz Cheney, one of the two Republicans who participated in the House January 6 Committee, has some thoughts on Ron DeSantis’s promise to look at pardoning some of those responsible for the January 6 Capitol riot.

She bluntly and succinctly tweeted: “Any candidate who says they will pardon Jan. 6 defendants is not qualified to be President.”

Oliver O’Connell26 May 2023 15:00


Watch: DeSantis kicks off first public appearance by railing against Dr Fauci

Oliver O’Connell26 May 2023 14:39


After stumbling at the launch, what’s next for DeSantis?

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis on Thursday sought to push past an embarrassing beginning to his presidential campaign, outlining an aggressive travel schedule as his allies insisted they remain well funded and well positioned for a long Republican primary fight ahead.

While DeSantis supporters privately acknowledged the bungled announcement was an unwelcome distraction, there was a broad sense — even among some Republican critics — that it would likely have limited long-term political consequences, if any at all.

“Do they wish they could do it over again? Probably,” said David Oman, who managed two top-tier presidential campaigns in Iowa. “Will we be talking about it in 10 days? Probably not.”

Oliver O’Connell26 May 2023 14:15

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