Sun. Jun 4th, 2023
Bride, 19, dies in house fire on her wedding day

A Wisconsin bride unexpectedly died as a result of a fire on the very day of her wedding.

Paige Ruddy suffered a fatal brain haemorrhage caused by smoke inhalation following a fire in a Reedsburg home on Tuesday (23 May). The 19-year-old, who was planning to get married on the day of the tragedy, died at the hospital the next day.

“She was just a precious human. There was nothing about her that you couldn’t like,” Ruddy’s aunt told NBC affiliate WMTV. “She was this presence you never knew you needed in your life, but always did.”

Family members had prepared to attend Ruddy and her fiancée’s Logan Mitchell-Carter ceremony at Sauk County Courthouse but instead received news of her sudden death. A funeral will take place next week, Ruddy’s aunt told the network.

Ruddy, who had graduated last summer, was planning to attend a vet tech program at Madison Area Technical College this upcoming fall.

A preliminary investigation into the fire and Ruddy’s death is underway, according to Sauk County authorities.

Her grieving family has created a GoFundMe to cover funeral costs.

Paige Ruddy, 19, suffered a fatal brain haemorrhage caused by smoke inhalation following a house fire


“There are enough good qualities about Paige to fill up a room. Since she was a toddler Paige was full of life, ready to help anyone with anything, and an absolute joy to be around,” the description of the fundraiser read.

“She was kind, fun, and according to her family had lots of spunk. Paige always worked hard at everything she did.”

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