Sun. Oct 1st, 2023

A woman has sparked a debate after sharing a detailed PowerPoint that she made for an exit interview at her job.

On TikTok, partners Claire and Peter, (@claireandpeter) frequently post videos about the adventures they go on together, as they both quit their jobs to travel the world.

In a video posted on 19 February, Claire, presents her PowerPoint, which is titled, “My Exit Interview”. The presentation includes a graph that details how her mental health was negatively affected throughout her time at the company.

The next slide is labelled “reasons I’ve cried in the past 365 days” and includes a circle graph. One section of the graph is blue and titled “work.” Claire then gives the rest of the graph, which is shaded green, the same title.

Claire shares her final thoughts in the third slide, which reads: “I will not be providing further feedback since you don’t listen anyways.”

She also asked her TikTok viewers what they thought of this PowerPoint and wrote the caption that she “worked really hard on it”.

This video has over 2.8 million views so far, with commenters not only applauding Claire for making the detailed document, but asking her if they can use this PowerPoint themselves.

“Perfect. No changes required. Please submit,” one viewer wrote, while another said: “Can I please get this? My last day is the 4th, I need to let them know they are the reason my therapist has all my money.”

“Obsessed. I’m inspired, truly,” a comment reads.

On the opposite side of the coin, there were a few TikTok users who didn’t love this PowerPoint.

“Lol. but not a lot of useful data,” one said.

“I suggest not doing this,” a comment reads. “This brings more questions from the HR, and it will take more time for the interview to end. Keep the exit interview short.”

In her caption, Claire made a reference to “The Great Resignation”, a phenomenon that refers to how nearly “33 million Americans left their jobs since Spring 2021,” as noted byNPR.

The Independent has reached out to Claire for comment.

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